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Q1: Who is the organizer of China International Golf Expo?
China International Golf Expo is held by Guangzhou photosynthesis Exhibition Co., Ltd.

Learn more about Lizhan Expo Group and China International Golf Expo.
Q2. Who is the supporter of China International Golf Expo?
China International Golf Exposition has received strong support and participation from China Golf Association and other world association organizations.

Q3. How to register for China International Golf Expo?
The pre-registration system will be open in the first few months of the exhibition and will be closed about a week before the exhibition starts.

Q4. How much is the admission fee?
The exhibition is open free to pre-registered visitors and those who receive tickets or invitations before the exhibition. The rest of the visitors can purchase tickets at the exhibition registration office.

Q5. When can I receive my admission card?
All admission cards will not be mailed in advance and must be processed at the exhibition registration office.

Q6. Who will visit China International Golf Fair?
The China International Golf Expo will give you an opportunity to reach out to high-quality target audiences such as course managers, managers and professional purchasers throughout the industry, and allow you to present your new products in an unparalleled social opportunity.
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Q7. What are the exhibitors of China International Golf Expo?
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Q8. If you want to know more about the exhibition, who do you need to contact?


Q9. How to arrange the itinerary?
Please click on the Travel Information page for more information, as well as information about visa applications.

Q10. Is the admission card transferable?
The admission card is not transferable.

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