Exhibition introduction

China International Golf Fair is co-sponsored by China Golf Association and Guangzhou photosynthesis Exhibition Co., Ltd. It is a professional trading and purchasing event covering the entire industry chain, and has received strong support from the United States PGA.
As a trade, education and social platform recognized by golf professionals, Golf Expo has been committed to building bridges for many golf suppliers, distributors, course decision makers and golf enthusiasts.
Gao Fair provides a very economical exhibition platform for exhibitors to display the latest products and services. It also provides a platform for drawing industry knowledge, looking for new partners, and engaging in face-to-face interaction with professional audience buyers (including general manager, assistant deputy general manager, golf director, lawn director, PGA professional, retail buyer and venue manager).
During the exhibition, many exhibitors will hold a number of new product releases and agency meetings to share market information with the industry, and famous PGA professional coaches will also be on-site to guide golf fans how to improve their skills.
At the same time, China International Golf Expo will be your annual social platform. Here, you can not only interact with more golf enthusiasts, but also face to face with the current golf market professionals to explore new business opportunities at home and abroad.


Overview of 2018 Exhibition
On April 20, 2018, the annual China International Golf Exposition opened at the New International Exposition Center (N1 Pavilion) in Pudong, Shanghai, and a golf carnival was held again. With a scale of 12,500 square meters, the exhibition has gathered more than 300 exhibition brands at home and abroad, as well as a series of high-quality interactive golf competitions and activities, attracting a large number of professionals and golf enthusiasts, the crowd surging on the scene, unprecedented grandeur.
During the three-day exhibition period, the organizers carefully designed many special events to give many golf fans a chance to experience the charm of golf at close range. Summit forums and seminars for golf professionals have also attracted the active participation of many experts, scholars and power exhibitors. The exhibition will have a positive impact on the development of domestic golf industry and help to further promote the popularity of golf in China.

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